Storage Units
Storage Units are located on 655 Atlantic Highway in Northport, Maine.

Storage Fees
5x10 - $45.00 per month
10x14 - $95 per month
10 x 20 - $115 per month

Deposit & Payment Info
*A $25.00 deposit is required at move in. Upon move out you must broom clean your
unit for returned deposit.
* First month is pro-rated depending on move in date. All bills following are due the 1st of every month.
*Debit and credit cards accepted.
* Late fee of $10.00 when account is fifteen days overdue.

Storage FAQ's
*24 Hour camera surveillance.
*You must furnish your own lock.
*Do not store any food, fruit or grains in your storage unit.
*You must provide your own insurance on contents through your insurance provider.
*For long term non-climate controlled units we recommend you open the unit periodically to circulate fresh air and double check the condition of your items to prevent moisture accumulation that can develop over long periods of time.