Northport Self-Storage Units

Wentworth Family Grocery Self Storage
655 Atlantic Highway, Northport ME, 04849
(207) 338-1897
Storage Fee’s
5x10                       $45.00 per month
10x14                    $95.00 per month
10x20                    $115.00 per month
·         A $25.00 deposit is required at move in. When you move out and your locker is broom cleaned your deposit will be returned
·         First month is pro-rated depending on move in date. All bills following are due the 1st of every month.
·         We accept debit or credit cards
·         24 hour camera surveillance
·         Late fee of $10.00 when account is fifteen days overdue
·         Do not store any food, fruit, or grains in your locker
·         Also recommended in long term non-climate controlled storage-
o   Locker should be opened periodically to circulate fresh air and double check condition of your items
o   Also to prevent moisture accumulation (long periods of time)
·         You must provide insurance on contents through your insurance provider
·         Furnish your own lock
Business hours
Monday through Saturday - 6 am to 8 pm
Sunday - 8 am to 8 pm